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Camp Rules

All campers must read these rules prior to their stay at Running Bear:

  • Quiet Hours are between 10pm and 8am. Children and teenagers should be in their campsite during this time. All radios and TVs must be at minimum volume settings, and be aware that normal speaking voices carry.

  • Bicycles without lights must be walked after dark. Helmets are recommended for your families’ safety.

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and you must clean up after them anywhere on the campground property. They must be kept quiet and not be left unattended. Please do not walk pets through other campsites. Pets are not allowed inside the store, rec. hall, bathhouse or inside the pool area.

  • Water from sinks, showers and toilets is not allowed to be drained onto the ground or collected in open containers.

  • DUMP STATION / PORTABLE SANI-STATION: The dumping station is located in the upper section of the campground and is free to all registered campers. We also have a “honey wagon” service available and it must be paid for and service requested in advance.

  • Speed limit is 5MPH. Excess speed will not be tolerated. KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE!

  • Vehicles must be parked on your own site or in the area by the office.

  • Campfire must be thoroughly extinguished before retiring or leaving area. Firewood is sold in the store. No picking up or cutting wood, dead or alive, on campground or adjoining property.

  • Visitors must register at the office upon arrival. All day visitors must leave the campground by 11 pm. Registered campers are responsible for ensuring their visitors have properly registered in the office, and that all campground rules are followed.

  • Water activities at the pool are AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is NO LIFEGUARD; therefore, Children 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Please no GLASS, food, floats, rafts, animals, etc. are not permitted in the pool area. This is for your safety and comfort. Other pool rules as posted.

  • Activities may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Please arrive on time to scheduled activities. Crafts are limited; first come, first served.

  • Trash bags should be placed roadside by 10:00am for pickup or in dumpsters before leaving.


  • Parents - Please make your children aware of these rules. Disregard for campground rules, causing dissension among other campers, or conduct deemed improper by the management is cause for immediate eviction without notice or refund.

  • The campground cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire or the negligence of you or others. Some of these rules were made by our insurance carrier and some by us. They were made for your safety, and to ensure the enjoyment of your camping experience. Please obey them. They will be enforced.

Enjoy your stay at Running Bear Camping Area!

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